Cocoon Cardigan- Ugly Fabric Challenge Round 1

A couple weeks ago I purchased a striped sweater knit from the clearance rack of my local Fabricland. I was more excited about finding a cheap knit with good 2-way stretch than I was about the pattern. So I have decided to use it for my first Ugly Fabric Challenge.

The subject:

Ugly Fabric 1.JPG

  • Purple/Gross Yellow Sweater Knit
  • 2 metres
  • Unknown Fibre (Probably Polyester)
  • 2-way stretch
  • $6.00/metre at Fabricland
  • Approximately 60″wide
  • Significant  imperfections in the first 6″ of the selvage edge

This was the perfect material to try a pattern on my wish list: the Cocoon Cardigan by Patterns for Pirates. The pattern has several options. I went with tunic length, long sleeves and short bands.

As usual, my measurements fell in-between several sizes.


I printed pattern with the M and L lines visible and graded the pattern out below the bust. In hindsight I probably should have just went with the M size all round. It’s a bit looser than I usually wear but it fits beautifully in the shoulders.


The trick is to do this before the light goes away.

The instructions were fairly straight forward and the construction went smoothly. Actually, it went too smooth because I didn’t run up against anything that made me think to take a picture. I did choose to some colour blocking in the sleeves with a plain white knit. (I actually didn’t want to attempt to do strip matching with a dolman sleeve.)

And… the big reveal!!!!

So did I succeed in overcoming the obstacle of ugly fabric?

The Good:

  • Shoulders fit is great.
  • I’d wear it out of the house.
  • Fabric feels really comfortable and has good drape.

The Bad

  • Stripe matching was difficult due to wavy lines.
  • I still have roughly 0.5m of fabric to use up with something else.

The Ugly

  • That yellow.

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