Fluffy Box March 2017 -Cocoon Cardigan

Fluffy Box

I think I should start by explaining what a Fluffy Box is. Last Christmas I gave a family member a small filing box with some handmade items inside. She then returns it to me and then I put new items and give them to her the next month.


Merida added the description to the side

  • Recipient: Merida (not her real name)
  • Age: 22
  • Size Range: XS-M
  • Favourite Colour: Green
  • Likes: Beluga whales, fluffy things
  • Style: modest, athletic, girly, comfortable

I felt pretty good about the Cocoon Cardigan by Patterns for Pirates that I had made myself so I decided to repeat it for Merida.


The fabric was an unknown from Fabricland that I picked up on Boxing day. It resembles a double brushed poly but I’m not completely sure. It had about 40% 2way stretch.


Merida fits the measurements for the XS in the bust and a S for the waist and hips so I graded the pattern out. This pattern fits very loose because her size fit better than the M-L that I made for myself.


I find that taping the print out sheets to the window is the easiest way to tape the pattern together. My printer tray is not the best so the pieces are always slightly off. I have to do some guesswork with placement but it hasn’t caused problems yet.


My pattern weights are the cutest! I use some clay owls that I made in an adult art class. The cutting took a few hours. I’m very careful about lining up stripes and I work slowly. I like to watch documentaries on YouTube while I’m cutting. I decided to do some colour blocking on the sleeves and add elbow patches. The pattern says to use two layers for the elbow patches and then invert but I tried that before and it was too thick. Instead, I used a fabric that wasn’t going to fray and just did a zig zag stitch to attach them.


The construction of this pattern is very straight forward the second time around. This was my first try. You probably noticed that my pins are the ‘wrong’ way for using a serger. I like this way better and I’m super careful about removing them as I go. I’ve only run over one. It put a nasty chip in my knife. I replaced the knives just the other day so I am good to go now.


Here is the final result on me. I was surprised it fit so well considering it is smaller. I seriously considered keeping it for myself!


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