Me and the Buns


My name is Zoe. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve always had an itch to create things and an aversion to sitting still so sewing has become a therapeutic outlet for me. I created this blog as a way to document my journey through this new hobby. I would classify myself as a confident beginner when it comes to sewing. I read a lot about the craft and I try to employ best practises but there is still lots of room for me to grow. Most of my creations are meant for my own use though I do give away some as gifts. As of right now, I don’t sell anything and I don’t think I ever will.

img_3991I have to hopping, fluffy, destucto-machines. (House rabbits.) Marley (black and white) and Sebastian (brown and white) are Mini Holland Lops from the same litter. I’m a firm believer in spaying and neutering rabbits so there will not be any baby bunnies hopping around for a long time. (Thank goodness because the litter training phase is a nightmare.)

Sebastian has some health problems so he doesn’t gain weight or have much muscle mass. The condition is so far undiagnosed. He likes to snuggle and constantly asks his sister for grooming. Marley has two modes: flopped out and conquer new territory. It has become increasingly hard to keep her out of things.

Follow me on a journey as I blunder, hack, rip and cry myself into a new wardrobe. You can learn with me, laugh at me or help me find inspiration in a variety of clothing and household sewing projects. Watch out for the occasional dash of furry cuteness as my fur-babies shamelessly insert themselves into the middle of whatever I am doing.