Regular Features

I have several segments that follow a common and evolving theme.

Stash Update

New fabric purchases are meant to be shared be fellow enthusiasts. (Hubby doesn’t show them any love once he sees the bill.) A use a mixture of physical and online stores to feed my addiction. I almost exclusively buy in Canada.

Ugly Fabric Challenge

I should preface this that “ugly” is a subjective term. Too often I am drawn to a fabric on the discount rack that has a desirable weight, texture and stretch and I forget that appearance also matters. The challenge is to turn something ‘bleh’ to ‘tolerable’.

Fluffy Boxes

Currently I have one fluffy box on the go. This is a year long christmas gift to a family member. Every month she gets a special delivery of random sewn items. I don’t post updates on this until I’ve given her the box.

Stash Bustin’

There’s a fine line between having what I need on hand and hoarding. I’m a minimalist at heart so I try to keep my stash fairly small. However, I hate throwing stuff out so I try to use as much as I can.

Future Musings

I have lots of plans for future projects and purchases. This is where I keep track of everything and share where I hope to go next.